The Spelhaug Family in America

Farm pictured above is that of Andrew Spelhaug, son of Anders Evenson Spelhaug
The Master Chart - Descendants of Anders Evensen Spelhaug (I) --- 8 generations, updated May 6, 2013 shows all known family members and the connection of each. UPDATE PENDING
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  • If (when) you find errors and omissions, so I can fix them.
Working drafts of the following volumes are now available:
  • Anders - first Spelhaug -- in progress
  • Ole Andersen Spelhaug & His Descendants -- in progress
  • Åse Andersdatter Redalen and Coming to America - in progress
    • Her ancestry
    • Where she lived: Norway, Wisconsin, Minnesota)
    • Her descendants' names: evoluation and meanings
    • Her family's churhes & cemeteries
  • V 2 - ASLE ELEFSEN REDALEN (step-son of Even Andersen Spelhaug) - 400 page draft PDF - NEW
  • Descendants of Ellef Ellefsen Redalen (step-son of Even Andersen Spelhaug) - in progress
  • V 4 - NILS THORSEN REDALEN (step-son of Even Andersen Spelhaug) - 200 page draft PDF - NEW
  • Descendants of Christie Thorsdatter Redalen (step-daughter of Even Andersen Spelhaug) - chart only
  • Descendants of Anders Thorsen Redalen (step-son of Even Andersen Spelhaug) - in process
  • V 7 - ELLING THORSEN REDALEN (step-son of Even Andersen Spelhaug), 117 page draft PDF -
  • V 8 - KARI EVENSDATTER SPELHAUG, 218 page draft PDF - -
  • V 9 - LIVE EVENSDATTER SPELHAUG, 172 page draft PDF - -
  • V 10 - ANDERS EVENSON SPELHAUG, 406 page draft PDF - -
  • V 11 - GUNILD EVENSDATTER SPELHAUG, 94 page draft PDF - -
  • Contacting Each Other (coming eventually)
  • The Children of Samuel Layton, 650 page PDF - -
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  • Help us identify our family members. Check out these photos from the HOVDEN-GUNDERSON-GILBERTSON side of the family. Photos courtesy of Karen (Kaslin) Kautz

"What book?" you ask. "The Spelhaug Family in America" . . . an update and refinement of 1999 publication "The Ancestry and Descendants of Lars Anderson Spelhaug and Mina Sophie Fingerson".

Spelhaug Family in America

I look forward to .

Your distant cousin,


Robert W. Layton,
Son of Marjorie L. (Spelhaug) Layton
Grandson of Lars Spelhaug
Great-grandson of Even Andersen Spelhaug
Great-great grandson of Anders Evensen Spelhaug

Miscellaneous Stuff

I remember, as a child, hearing my parents talking with my aunts and uncles about places I'd never visited: Fountain and Fillmore County and Chatfield and Rock Prairie and more. Recently I found a 100-year old atlas from Minnesota which lists the detail of Fillmore County right down to to the detail of each farm and the name of each farmer. Go ahead and look for the names that are familiar to your branch of the family. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

FILLMORE COUNTY, MINNESOTA - 1915 - showing Minnesota townships
  • Fountain Township*, Fillmore County, Minnesota - showing land owners in 1915
  • Pilot Mound Township*, Fillmore County, Minnesota - showing land owners in 1915
  • Chatfield Township*, Fillmore County, Minnesota - showing land owners in 1915
  • Fillmore Township*, Fillmore County, Minnesota - showing land owners in 1915

  • Other, recently discovered, reference materials.

    Note that these are PDF files, downloaded from public sources, which have been converted from images to searchable text and compressed for faster download. File sizes range from 17 to 25 mb, so downloads may take a minute or two depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

    * A "township" is a political subdivision of a county common in the midwestern United States. While typically a square measuring six miles north-south by six miles east-west, townships do vary in size. Townships are themselves subdivided into sections, each section measuring one mile north-south by one mile east-west; each section comprises 640 acres; each acre is 40,000 square feet (for comparison, the playing area of a football field, between goal posts, is approximately 1½ acres). From the air, the checker-board effect is readily observed.

    Lars & Mina (Fingerson) Spelhaug Family Bible

    Note that Grandma stopped recording the names of her children at # 9 (Gerty), leaving out Ilert, Glennis, Glenda and Marjorie.

    In Memorium

    Karen Ann (Johnson) Spelhaug, 69, (wife of Ronald James Spelhaug) passed away unexpectedly Friday, April 18, 2014 in Fargo, more.

    Family Photo Questions

    Among the photos in Mina (Fingerson) Spelhaug's collection are those bearing the names of individuals whose connection to family has not yet been established. PLEASE take a look and let me know how or if we're related to . . .

    More Photo Questions

    Of the photos in Mina (Fingerson) Spelhaug's a few are absent captions . . . either they are of individuals with whom she was so familiar that she thought no caption was needed or they were of individuals whose names she didn't recall at the time. PLEASE take a look and let me know how or if we're related to . . .

    Family Photo Archive

    Vintage family photos, mostly from 1890 - 1930, showing Spelhaug, Fingerson, Finseth/Finneseth, Hall, Isackson/Isaackson, Hovden and others. This collection is growing on a weekly basis and will ultimately include over 400 separate images, news clippings and images of other family-related documents . . . read more.

    In Memorium

    Glennis Newman Spelhaug, 94, (son of Lars and Mina (Fingerson) Spelhaug) passed away Thursday, June 20, 2013 in Fargo, more.

    Our Cousins Wrote . . .

    Jim and Jan (Blekeberg) Zastrocky recently wrote, "we have been given a Norsk trunk from the Spelhaug family. The letters on it are JHD and the date is 1755. We have been able to trace the family only back to the late 1790's, but still have some info to decipher from Sigrid Kvisle from the Bygebok in Sigdal. Any help with that would be awesome."


    Spelhaug 1961 Reunion (descendants of Lars & Mina (Fingerson) Spelhaug. Voice-over has been added but needs to be reworked.

    Special Thanks the cousins who've recently provided so much new detail to the Spelhaug story.
  • Karen (Kaslin) Kautz (Kari Spelhaug)
  • Tim Totten (Kari Spelhaug)
  • Merrill Austin (Ase Redalen-Spelhaug)
  • Larry Hovden (Kari Spelhaug)

  • A Few Recently Discovered Things

    Mysterious Death in Family

    "Knutson School, Madison No. 4 Country School. Front, from left: Ethel Hovden Droppe, Mildred Nelson, Ruth Fretheim Nesset, Kathleen Thompson and Joy Hovden; second row, from left: Jules Fretheim, John Hovden, Oscar Hovden, Carsten Hovden and Clair Knutson; back, from left: Clair Nelson, Francis Larson, Irene Hovden Albertson and Genevieve Hovden Dvorak." Circa 1933. [The Decorah News Papers, March 7, 2013] NOTE: Hovden children are great grandchildren of Kari Spelhaug.

    Western Washington University
    "The Ron and Rita Spelhaug Aviation Scholarship was established in 2002 to support students who are enrolled in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) and the College of Sciences and Technology (CST) preparing for a career in aviation or a related field. Preference shall be given to a student preparing to become a pilot."
    Sioux Falls Man Claims $20,000 Dakota Cash Jackpot
    For Immediate Release: 1/29/2013
      (Pierre) – Douglas Spelhaug of Sioux Falls on January 28, 2013 claimed his $20,000 Dakota Cash jackpot from the January 16, 2013 drawing.
      Spelhaug purchased his winning ticket at Lewis Drug on East 26th in Sioux Falls. The store will receive a $1,000 bonus for the sale. The odds of winning the Dakota Cash jackpot are 1:324,632.
      Dakota Cash is played and won only in South Dakota. The jackpot currently sits at $20,000 for the next drawing on Wednesday, January 30, 2013.

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